Bringing Self-Awareness into Theory & Practice


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is focused more on your working life, although the process often centres on interpersonal development and personal change. It addresses areas such as:

  • Presentation and negotiating skills
  • Effective and inspirational leadership
  • Performance management skills
  • Problem solving
  • Building effective teams and team members
  • Appropriate delegation
  • Balancing work and life priorities


Personal Coaching

The rapid growth in popularity of coaching services over recent times signifies the importance of having someone who will support us in creating and achieving greater success. Coaching is about clarifying values and visions, setting goals and putting successful actions into place.  Whether it is getting clarity about what you want from life or setting and achieving goals or just wondering how life can be any better, coaching can assist you. The reality is, coaching can work to develop and improve virtually any aspect of life you care to nominate.

Personal coaching can help you clarify what you want from life by focusing on key questions, for example:

  •  If you could do anything you wanted, what would that be?
  • Do you know what you want?
  • What beliefs/ideas might be operating that might be stopping you from getting what you want?

The answers to these, and other, questions help to identify and change old patterns of behaviour and open up new possibilities for real change to occur.



Personal coaching can:

  • Assist you in determining what it is you want most from life
  • Provide the tools, support, awareness and structure that allow you to accomplish more.
  • Help you take more effective and focused actions immediately
  • Help stop whatever drags you down
  • Get you clear on what your values are
  • Help you develop better relationships
  • Have more financial security
  • Balance your lifestyle
  • Look at your life from a fresh perspective
  • A whole new sense of self