Bringing Self-Awareness into Theory & Practice

Training & Supervision

Specialised training and services for health professionals.

Personal Development Workshops

Discover new approaches to leading a happier and healthier life.

Individual, Family & Relationship Counselling

Deepening interpersonal connections.
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Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security Parenting© Program
Building secure parent child attachment

Psychological Services

Psychological Services & Consulting Providing direction and guidance in helping you to obtain more out of life and your relationships. Our services are aimed at providing you with the support and skills you need to restore and maintain your sense of well being.

Consulting Services

Coaching Providing expertise in helping you maintain efficiency and effectiveness in your business and corporate life. We will work with you in developing systems and processes to support creativity and growth.

Training & Workshops

Training, Workshops & Seminars Community and professional training packages designed to provide practitioners, consumers and families with the appropriate skills to help achieve effective solutions for a wide range of issues.
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Welcome to Misso Psychology & Consulting

We are a group of Allied Health Professionals bringing together a wealth of experience and skills from a range of disciplines including psychology, social work, medicine, education and business. We recognise that everyone’s situation is unique and our aim is to provide you with the professional expertise you require to attain the best possible outcome.